What Are Reasons For Choosing Redfield Scopes?

If you are wondering how to choose best scopes for spotting, I have an advice for you. You’d better choose reliable brand which sales best products of both short and long range hunting scopes. Today, I would like to recommend you Redfield brand.

Redfield Scopes’ Benefits

Even though the cost is important but it is not the main factor when choosing the Redfield scope. There is a fairly long list of benefits:

Redfield scopes are the high quality and have the multiple layers of protective coating on all surfaces wherein the glass is contacted with the air. Optical system gives a brighter image, correct color and contrast throughout the visible spectrum. The “tunnel effect” doesn’t occur when you change the zoom. Objectives of Redfield scopes are clearly distinguishable at any lightning.

Any light shadows and reflections are excluded if the exit pupil is in correct position. The best modern rifle scopes provide light transmission significantly higher than 90% at the day and night. However the high light transmission is useless if there is not a great contrast. It helps to distinguish the game on the background of dense brush in low light conditions. Redfield Scopes fully comply with this requirement.

Exterior surface of the objective lens and the eyepiece are covered with a hard protective coating resistant against scratches and abrasion.

Advantage In Stability

Redfield scopes have significant advantage in stability because its body made from a solid piece of metal. The body is made from aluminum and its walls are thick enough to prevent bending. It reliably protect the optical and mechanical parts of the scopes from hits and other forms of mechanical influence.

High quality scopes of Redfield brand have a matte exterior surface subjected to anodizing. It is very resistant to scratches.

Damping system prevents displacement of the reticle during the shot. Reticle adjustment should work with the highest accuracy. The reticles’ adjustment option with the ability to preserve zero position is the definite advantage when you change the gear type of your rifle.

Redfield magnification adjustments are easy to use and adjust even when the temperature is very low. A whole range of scopes’ adjustments are overlapped by half turn of adjustment ring.

Usually all the same class rifle scopes have about the same image quality, build quality and reliability. The price difference is also explained by the fact that rifle scopes from the leading manufacturers have complex electronic inside and they are not as much optical scopes as electro-optical devices. I addition to that you are paying for the “name” of course.

Redfield’s Success

Achieved success was expected because many of the older generation’s hunters associated Redfield brand with the quality and inexpensive optics. By the way, nowadays Redfield scopes released in 1960 sell at the Internet auction sites for $ 600 and up. At the same time this success was unexpected because a lot of buyers were young people who did not know about the past glory of the company.

Many hunters reacted to the novelty with the caution. There were lots of questions on the popular forums: “Did anybody use new Redfield scopes? What do you think about it? Looks like it’s made in U. S., right? The price is very reasonable”.

There were not many responses at the beginning. However as the popularity of these scopes grew reviews became more often. They were tested on practice: There were many reviews and all of them were positive.

Redfield Revenge And Battlezone Scopes

Logically, the achieved success on many markets has pushed company to expand the range of Redfield scopes for hunters. Today Redfield Revenge scopes that gives bright and crystal clear image consist of five models: 2-7×34, 3-9×42, 3-9×52, 4-12×42 and 6-18×44. All scopes (except of 2-7×34) have built-in Accu-Ranger Ballistic System (Hunter, Sabot, Varmint and Crossbow modifications) that allows you to determine distance to the target at the range up to 600 yards. It is very easy in use.

Just like Revolution – the previous model, Revenge scopes have waterproof body that is filled with nitrogen. Multicoated lenses provide maximum light transmission and of course, these scopes are also covered by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.