Top Best Shoes Of Nike Brand For The Best Performance

If you are looking for a pair of shoes catering to target training professional sport, you cannot certainly ignore the following pair of Nike shoes. In this article, some product will be analyzed as a way guiding you how to choose the Best Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis.

Also, the author will list some of the best shoes of Nike brand to help you get the better result. Do not miss any information in this article.

When talking about the shoes to practice, Adidas is always in the top brand shoes that  possesses many kinds of good quality to serve the exercise workout or high intensity exercise.

However,  in terms of diversity of all kinds of shoes serving different sports then Nike can’t help mentioning, from running shoes to basketball shoes; in addition, the company also has designed shoes for skateboarding.

Here are the top the shoes depending on the purpose for the sport, which requires advocacy and technical as running shoes, basketball shoes, tennis shoes from Nike.

Zoom TR Hypercross

Price: $ 150

The shoes design with impressive highlights will make people often focus on its beauty, but the value of Zoom Hypercross TR does not stop there, the sample used combines Flywire and Phylon technology, which has good support and help for the skills that the sport requires technical needs. All these advantages make the shoes deserve the best choice for the powerful sport.

Kobe 9 Elite

Price: $ 225

Here’s a sample of Nike basketball shoes and also considers as the first basketball shoe with Nike Flyknit technology. Along this reason that Kobe 9 is a company without rival, but the ability to run is the weak point of this product.

Air Max 2015

Price: $ 190

Nike Air Max 2015running shoes is a model with the combination of buffer to support a high level athletes to help ensure the safety powerful legs.

Padding on the inside of the shoe will be used to increase its elasticity and helps the movement become more fluid, reducing the care, bucket between foot and shoe service, thus allowing you to focus on training the technically difficult task. Its only downside is the rather expensive price.

Lunar TR1 LE

Price: $120

Running shoe is a shoe pattern advanced training for football players or those who practice professionally. This shoe samples are combined between Flywire and Lunarlon cushion technology, which makes it become a ideal sneaker template for training in anywhere.

Free 5.0 TR Fit 4

Price: $ 150

The training shoes Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 is designed for women, it is one of the best selections to balance between quality, price and design. Shoes are perfect used for multi-functional training exercises from cardio to strength exercises.

Free 4.0 Flyknit

Price: $ 120

Beautiful design and comfortable feeling for feet is the advantage of Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit, but its drawback is that there is no support to the ankle region, which might not conform to the difficult movements. The anatomy of sample is relatively opened, so it fits more in the summer.

Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour

Price: $ 135

Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour is a great form of tennis shoes for the motion to move to the rear of the battle of tennis. The shoes has fitting cushion system, which helps your feet protected and quiet for hours serve. But, this shoe wears fairly quickly, therefore, many people believe that these shoes are not durable.

Air Max 90

Price: $ 110

Air Max 90 shoes is popular because of its logo Air Max on the body shoes; however for aesthetic reasons,  the combination of striking colors of this shoe becomes a choice of popular Sneaker. But, Air Max offers maximum protection thanks to the superior cushioning performance ability, so these shoes have even more value to this day.

Nike Kyrie 1

Price: $ 150

According to Nike, the convenience is a criteria that Nike Kyrie 1 basketball shoes focuses on; although many people still doubt whether this shoe samples have been selected by the athletes or not, one thing can not be denied in this shoe is that  it incorporates many advanced and most modern technologies.

Roshe Run

Roshe Run is really a good quality pair of shoes for the sprint if you do not have many choices in shoes. You remember that this is a form of shoes designed for regular travel demand as a pair of sneakers.

Jacob Grill , a person who is fancy on doing exercise. He states that a good quality of shoe will support your comfort, thereby get the better performance and improve the health. The users should keep in their mind that each shoes has its pros and cons, so consider carefully choosing the best suitable fit your feet