The Best Compound Bow For Hunter

Compound bow is a modern bow that is used in an automatically turn on connection, in which the two terms most important in the process of hunting.

The parts of a compound bow is functioned differently. In this article, we will introduce the way to choose the best compound bow for beginners. You started hunting can read and choose the suitable bow for you.

Axle-To-Axle Length

The length of chord, since the beginning of the two bow.

Brace Height: distance from chord to where archers (Grip), from the inside.

Because offer only the best to take effect, as well as achieving the best state shoot, when the size of organs can deliver fit most of the shoot.

Granted that a bow with heavier traction arrows will push further, harder, but if you cannot pull the cord, the weight that is useless?


Unbelievably, in some cases, can be considered the archers are fan of speed.

In the supply industry, selling speed.

Most archers when asked, the first question always is: “It’s fast how much?”

Like the coveted 300-yard shot played in golf, or 300 miles / hours of racing, or 300 fps in the benchmark rate of the hardware, so too in archery.

In archery, the arrow goes over 300 fps is considered fast, and below that is considered slow. (Equivalent to 91m / s).

Of course, between the trees with trees 302 fps 298 fps difference is not how, but the manufacturer under a pressure to create the bow beyond the 300 as much as possible.

A bow “toys”, with speeds around 144fps (equivalent to 44m / s) was also dangerous in range and then, a semi-professional bow around 246fps (equivalent to 75m / s).

Parts are usually made of aluminum or magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy 6061.

Composite materials-is made and potentially save the intense and compressive forces. The storage spending all their energy supply – no energy is stored in the pulleys and cables. A weight is usually between 10 and air 100 generated £ 150-370 feet per second speed (46-113 m / s)

Cables are often made of polyethylene polymer and is designed to have greater tensile strength and minimal stretch, to bow their energy transmission for maximum arrow; the cables are generally made of plastic-coated steel.

Technical Advantages

Cam function of the system is to maximize energy storage, is why the compound bow more energy storage and shoot faster than an equivalent weight peak supply or crossbows.

Design Of the cam directly controls the speed of the arrow.

Vibration Reducer Is Particularly Well Developed

Compound bow arrows did not differ significantly from the arrows used with recurve bows, is usually either aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, is not made of wood, or often a mixture of the two materials. Only notable difference is the spine of the hardness of the names arrow, pull strings, and name quieter leave provision, not intense as recurve compound bow

Contrast-maintenance more difficult, more expensive, due to the many components

Too Sensitivity, leading to the situation to be very careful when tuning

Today we will learn about common types of provision for sport, hunting. Called common because there is some kind of non-proliferation, is customized depending on demand, and other more expensive for professional athletes, with rates of up to 5000-10000 USD / bow, all kinds, which will discuss separately in a future article.

Longbow Or Primitive Bow

It can be said is the most ancient type of provision, common in ancient cultures. Recognizable characteristics of this type of provision is that they are usually made from a single timber, and a long, two curved bow in one direction only.

This type of provision due to appear much easier to manufacture, does not require much technical and modern materials. Nevertheless, its drawback is the lack of elasticity, so do not shoot high capacity, low shot not far and accurately.

Recurve Bow

This type of universal current supply, improved by flipping bow, bend generated 2 times. Bow is usually produced by the composite material, sometimes made from other materials such as horn, steel though not as popular because the material composite lightweight, highly elastic.

Recurve bow has kind of self-bow, which is made of a tree intact, no ability to take apart, and the take-down type, which is made of two parts, or two detachable bow, it is convenient to store , carrying away.

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