After a productive camping day, people look forward to a good night of sleep to recharge themselves. Spending the night outdoors among nature is supposed to be an exciting and refreshing experience; however people can easily be turned off if they struggle to sleep. They often wonder if they do anything wrong but it is more about learning to adapt to a new environment.

These simple tips will help you enjoy your camping nights better:

  1. Tire yourself out during the day

When you are tired with activities during the days, it is likely that you will fall into sleep the moment you place your back on a comfortable sleeping mat.

  1. Set up your tent in a suitable location

The location of your tent will affect your sleep more than you think

  • Remember to clear such debris as stones on the ground beneath your camp.
  • Locate your tent too close to the toilet is not exactly a good idea. You will hear footsteps back of forth all nights from other campers.
  • Don’t set up your tent near trees; they can brush against your tent during a breeze or fall on your tend on a very windy or stormy night. That is not to mention birds that can cause noise all night or pop and disrupt your sleep.
  1. Bring the bright bedding
  • Make sure your bedding can inflate comfortably so that you can adjust the firmness as you wish
  • Bring some extra blankets in cold weather condition to keep you warmer.
  • Try to pack a small pillow with you: it can be very helpful for sleeping soundly.
  1. Manage noise with earplugs

Different people react differently with the sounds of nature. Either these sounds lull people to a peaceful sleep or disrupt and annoy them to hell. There are also many other noises to encounter in a camping sites, including snoring. Earplugs are especially crucial for light sleepers, who hear everything all night and even chirping in the morning.

These earplugs are cheap and easy to get at supermarkets. Since they are tiny, bring some extra pairs just in case. They block the noise and make it easier for people to sleep.

  1. Stay Clean
  • Clean up yourself after a tired camping day is always advised for a good sleep. No more dirt or sweat to make you feel sticky.
  • Keep your bag clean. If you don’t have time, insert a sleep bag liner instead.
  • Keep food out of your tent or uninvited visitors (aka animals or insects) may come to you at night.
  1. Dress properly
  • Dress appropriately for the weather. Even if it is cold, don’t wear too much clothes or you overheat yourself
  • Have a change of clean and dry clothes with no food odors or other smells before going to sleep.
  1. Don’t eat or drink a lot before sleep

If you have a big meal before sleep, especially food with plenty protein, your body will have to digest your food during the night. It will not benefit your good sleep at all. However, a light snack is recommended during cold nights to help your body generate heat.

  1. Do some warm-up exercises

5-10 minutes of light exercise help your blood circulate well and eventually help you sleep soundly. But remember not to overstretch your body.

If you ever have some bad sleeping experiences during camping, remember to take our tips with you in your next trip. Hopefully they will help you sleep more comfortably and peacefully.