How to choose a tent for camping outing

Extracurricular trips for students in the school, or picnics or parties dear family picnic is the time that many people expect. Especially in the spring time life is approaching, the weather becomes warm, it’s a great time for you to plan for an upcoming camping trip. If you do not have a tent for your family or your plans with us, please refer to select the Best Camping Tents.

The selection of tents for you involves two main issues:

Evaluate your personal preferences and environmental conditions that you want to use tents.

Reconcile three elements: space, weight and price.

The questions you should ask:

  1. Space: How many people who regularly sleep in this tent?

Answer: Tents for tourism sorted by ability to accommodate people as follows: 1 person (solo), 1, 3, 4 persons. The name of the tent is often accompanied by some (the Big Agnes Seed house SL 2, the REI Half Dome 2), this figure represents the largest capacity of the tent.

To keep small weight, the tents are often designed to fit tight. The space after designing is usually compact than the interests of everyone. Fit a space usually brings warm enough for people traveling, even though we see that two people who are suffering more than normal to wake up with a feeling more comfortable if they sleep in a tent reserved for 3 2 person tents or wider. If you bring children or pets while traveling, it is best that you should add 1 spot in the tent you will buy.

If possible, you should to store tents, and used to try to buy your tent, to be able to figure out the best space in the tents reserved for 1,2,3 or 4 people.

  1. Weight: Weight for a tourist tent be?

Answer: Tents weighing unit 2-3pound, ie to 1.4 kg 900gr. 2-person tents are usually from 3-5pound, 1,4-2,3kg but can be up to 6pound (2.7 kg) or mild to 2pound (900gr). Average 3pound / person, closer to 2 pounds, the more ideal, but, the fact is the low weight comes with tent space will narrow.

  1. Prices: How much will you spend for a quality tourist tent?

Price proportional to the level of comfort, is inversely proportional to the weight of the tent. If you do not need to travel frequently tent, pick the cheaper type only.

  1. Weather: You think you’re going up the tent when the weather?

The majority of tourists choose 3 season tents (3-season tent), which means it fits most of the spring, summer, autumn. If you normally camp in the hot and humid conditions, then look for the tent much ventilation grid. Some kind of tent with a canopy (canopy) above the material used is 100% net. The grilles are suited especially to watch the stars at night when cool fresh without rain shield.

When going through the cold and windy night, the stars? You should think about the type tent “expanded” (extended-season tent). You desire to face the constant winds or want to be an outdoor winter night. You require special tents to go mountain expedition tent, also known as 4-season tent (4-season tent).

But above all, how wise is carrying a tent system can help you overcome the worst situation you can count on before the trip. Naturally, screening tent will mildest summer but if you plan to camp at a certain altitude, where the climate is more extreme, you have to equip yourself with the necessary tools to fully succumb to the weather. So many people have own several different types of tents.

  1. Highlight: The small problem but a problem with the “problem” in a tent is what?

There are two highlights:

– Door: very lightweight tent type usually have a single door on one side of the tent that. But there are also people that have kind of tent 2 to 2 door, giving each person a separate entrance and a separate exit to avoid disturbing each other while sleeping. Idea 2 great tent door, for example when you want your tent to sleep early to get up early while you sleep late, get up late, because you were too busy watching the stars the night before.

– Vestibules: This is the extended part of the system’s anti rain tent (including sticks and a few anti-zipper), it creates a dry area around the outside of your tent, for you to shine sandals or other furniture. Almost all the tents are at least 1 of this hall, though different sized tents. If the hall is important to you then you should check its data in the table area of the technical characteristics of the tent.