How can you go fishing without the right fishing rod? It is such important fishing equipment you can’t live without; if it doesn’t work properly, chances are that you will miss out on a lot of fish, especially big ones.

The following tips about cleaning and storing will help you maintain your fishing rod well and keep them in good order in a long time.

  1. Clean your rod the right way
  • Take care of the guides properly because this part requires attention the most. Stuff building up on guides over time can cause damage; therefore you should use Q-tip to remove them all. If there are serious scratches on your guides, it is best to replace them right away.
  • To remember to wash the entire rod every time you finish fishing, using a soft cloth, warm water and soap or vinegar. Remove dirt on your rod with a toothbrush. If your rod is soiled, remove the dirt or grit with a soft-bristle brush or a toothbrush.
  • For the handle, use a clean, soft towel and rub it hard with rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol helps disinfect any germs on the handle.
  • Help them look shinny with wax or cleaning products (such as Pledge). Or you can apply a light coating of fine oil and use plastic renovator or furnishing spray
  • Let the rod dry completely or use a soft cloth to wipe away all moisture before you put it away to storing.
  • Inspect the rod at least twice a year for any possible damage. If the rod rings got rusted, replace them immediately.

  1. Store your fishing rod properly
  • Keep your rod out of the sun and weather and store it when it is dry and clean to prevent rust.
  • Do just lean it anywhere (in a corner, against a wall) because it can bend over time. Also, if you place your rod against a metal or abrasive object, your rod may be damaged from scratches.
  • Don’t accidentally bang it on a hard surface (floor, for example) because they are quite fragile.
  • Avoid contact with moisture, dirt or salt for possible corrosion. Putting your rod in its tube is not advised because moisture is trapped inside the tube.
  • It is best to store you rod on a mounted rod rack. The rack is not really expensive. Or, you can place your road on a hanger or nail. Basically, keep your rod off the floor and out of foot traffic.
  • Don’t store your rod when fishing reel and line are still on. It is better to remove them

Maintaining your fishing rod does not require a lot of effort. Washing it well every time you are done with fishing and let it dry before hanging it on a rack are basically all that you need to do. In turn, you fishing rod will stay intact and work properly for many years.