In this modern time, a wide variety of street sports have been intruded into our world such as skating or hip hop. Teenagers are becoming more and more excited with those sports. They don’t mind pouring a lot of money into buying instruments, costumes and whatever related to those sports. Out of the most popular sports, skating seems to be the most favored. Teenagers are always willing to invent in the best longboard brands to practice movements in this sports. In this article, we will provide you some information about this kind of outdoor activities of both positive and negative effects.

  1. Positive effects

Skating is a very common term among teens. It appeared long time ago but it is spread throughout the world at a high speed. Almost all teenagers in the world are addicted to skating. Why? The following reasons can make your comprehend.

  • Skating helps improve our health

Skating is one type of risky sports as it is quite adventurous. However, during we practice this sport, we can improve our health. First, we need to do exercises related to legs, arms and backs. We have to bend our backs and legs down towards the longboards. Our arms are responsible to keep balance while we are skating. Therefore, our legs have to be strong enough to push the pressure on the skateboard and push it forwards to make it move. It sounds very interesting but very difficult. As usual, a teenager will have to spend at least one week to learn only one basic lesson about skating.

When we know how to skate with a skateboard, of course we will feel more eager to learn the next steps. Through this sport, our health is improved a lot as we have to train our whole bodies continuously.

Apart from this, our eyesight is also enhanced. During skating, we have to deal with all the situations and overcome all the obstacles and challenges on the roads. Therefore, our eyes are obliged to adjust and work to respond quickly to every circumstance. This will control our legs. If your eyes are quick in detecting obstacles, our legs will take steps to direct the skateboards so as to avoid such hindrances.

  • Skating helps generate more ideas

Indeed, skating is a kind of sports which force the brains work a lot. When we encounter and have to cope with obstacles, we have to think of solutions to overcome them. Moreover, we often have to create more creative steps of skating such as flipping the longboards or back up the longboards. It requires us to form the steps and practice regularly.

If we master skating, we will be more skillful in solving problems and we will have more creative ideas to contribute to our groups or classes.

  • Skating helps to relax

Similar to other kinds of sports, skating also belongs to entertaining sports. It brings to us comfort and relaxation. It means that skating is also a method to reduce stress and get more fun. The proof is that teenagers usually take the skateboards outside and skate along the street whenever they come back home from school. They learn to skate by themselves and teach each other. They also have a big group, even a big club about skating. This is a reason for their early maturity and independence.

  1. Negative effects

Even though we cannot deny the advantages of skating, this sport still has some undesirable disadvantages as follows.

  • Skating takes time

It takes a long time to learn just a step of skating. So if you start to practice skating, we are sure that you will be engrossed into the sports and you will only think about it until you master it.

  • Skating leads to accidents

While skating, we usually fall as we haven’t mastered it. We often have to push our hands against the grounds to avoid the whole bodies falling. Therefore, we often have wounds in hands. Furthermore, a lot of people skate on the roads where still have vehicles running. In many cases, they do not pay attention to the vehicles in front of them and they still go forward and then there are accidents.