Best Tips You Need To Know When Buying Balance Bikes

It is quite complicated to choose a suitable bike for our kids as there are too many matters to care about. The safety of our kids is also important and should be focused on. Reading more balance bike reviews will help you get more information useful. In this article, I will provide you with more details about how to buy a good balance bike for our children.

The Height Of The Saddle

Our kids are small and short. A balance bike is certainly suitable for them but there are also different sizes for this vehicle. It is extremely significant to measure the size of the bike and assizes of your kids.

You will be able to choose the right bike for your children when you have the board for compatible size for each age of children. Choosing the suitable bike with right height for the seat, your kids will receive the most comfort when they practice with balance bikes.

Wheels And Tires

There are several types of tires for the balance bike and it is not simple for you to choose the suitable. Different tires are made of different materials. For example, the tire which is made of hard plastic has no cushion or traction. This bike is only suitable for indoor practice. If your house has a big garden or big yard with smooth surface, this tire can be a great choice.

However, if you want your kids go out and play with the balance bike, the tires should be made of rubber or is pumped with pneumatic air. These materials will help to increase the durability and the firmness for the bike.

Balance Bike’s Weight

Considering the weight of a balance bike for your kids is also very important. Children are not strong enough to carry out and control a heavyweight bike. Thus, we have to know about suitable weight range for your kids.

The weight of a balance bike should account for 19 – 30 percent of your kid’s weight, depending on their ages. Kids of smaller age should practice with a balance bike of 19 percent of their weight.

Balance Bike Frame

The frame of the balance bike takes an extremely important role in keeping safety for kids. As usual, to reduce the weight for the bike, the frame is often made of composite material. This material is the second lightest, heavier than carbon fiber material.

In addition, some types of balance bikes have wooden or metal frames. These frames are also sturdy but they are quite heavy for kids. The composite material is somewhat more expensive.

Hand Grips Of The Balance Bike

The balance bike has no pedal so the hand grip is the only one part for kids to control the bike. Hence, this is an important part. The handlebar grip of the bike has grains so that our kids can limit generating sweat in their hands.

The handlebar grips have special designs so that when our kids hold the grips, their hands will not be removed from the grips. The continuous grains of the grips help to release a lot of hand sweat.

The Footrest Of The Balance Bike

As said above, the balance bike does not have any pedal and our kids will have to produce their own force to push the bike. This will make their feet tired quickly.

However, it is smart that the balance bike has footrests which allow our kids to put their feet on as soon as they push the bike down the slope. The footrests also help our kids to keep balance while they are on the saddle.

Brake System

Frankly, the balance bike has no brake system. Children will have to stop the bike by themselves. That is why it has the name “balance bike”. That is also a special point that makes children addicted to playing with this vehicle.

Bottom Line

There are a lot of problems to think of but I believe that the tips in this article are enough for you when it comes to selecting a suitable balance bike for kids. If you have any confusing trouble, you can contact us anytime.