One of the most advertised benefits for fitness equipment in general is burning calories in our body. Isn’t it just cool that we can stay fit and manage our weight at the same time? If you goal is to lose some excess pounds, you need to look for equipment that help you burn calories effectively. With proper and routine exercise, the following fitness equipment will help you achieve your goal at home:

  • Spin bike

Indoor cycling is a great option for burning calories. How much calories are burnt during the process depends on the person’s weight. In general, that amount for an average person during 1 hour of workout with a spin bike is about 600 kcal. Depending on the intensity, cycling can help you burn up to 1000 kcal/hour. Since this device is very effective for burning calories and weight loss, it is highly recommended. A spin bike can cost you from several hundred to several thousand USD; therefore, to purchase one, you should start with spin bike reviews and select the ones that does not only have features you need but fits your budget as well.

When you use the spin bike, your whole body gets to exercise too, not just your muscles. To get maximum benefit from the spin bike, you should choose an appropriate resistance so that you have to breathe hard during cycling.

  • Elliptical Machine

The amount of calories burnt with an elliptical machine depends on whether the machine offers arm movement or not. In general, you burn about 600 kcal on a machine that doesn’t include arm movement; of course that amount will be higher in case arm movement is included. This machine helps you build up stamina and muscular strength in addition to turning your body.

Remember to challenge yourself with high resistance settings for intense workouts and better at-burning results. Don’t let the machine do all the work for you.

  • Kettlebells

If you are looking for low-cost but effective options for burning calories, kettlebells can be your ideal choices. They are inexpensive, convenient to use: you can out them anywhere you want.

Swinging an kettlebell burns calorie at a similar rate as compared to running at the speed of 6 mph. You can burn up to 20.2 calories/minutes with kettle bells! Impressive, isn’t it? With kettlebells, you have to move in different directions with so many movements: up, down, in, out, from one side to another.  So many muscles in your bodies have to work out during the process. However, it is very important that you have proper training to perform the workout.

Note that the swinging speed depends on the weight of the kettlebell you use so make sure you choose the appropriate weight.  Keeping your shoulders relax during swinging can help you perform the movements better.

  • Treadmill

With a treadmill, you have the option to run or walk and  the amounts of calories burnt in these two cases are very different. With one hour of walking, about 300-400 kcal are burnt. However, when you exercise your whole body by running, about 600-1200 kcal/hour is burnt.

It is advised that you run up an incline on the treadmill to get better workout result. Also, during the workout, remember to pump your arms vigorously (but don’t knock anybody or anything around you).

  • StepMill

With this equipment, you can burn about 400-500 calories/hour. You are required to climb steps when the escalators are moving fast; therefore lower body has to work out a lot with bouncing motions within a short period of time.   This is very useful in improving your muscle.

This is such underrated fitness equipment while in fact it is effective for keeping fit and losing weight! Partly, it is because the equipment is not easy to master; however, once you get used to it, you just want to keep on using it.

To get the maximum benefits from a stepmill, it is suggested that you hold some dumbbells in your hand during climbing (about 1-3lb/drumbbell should be fine).

Have you decided which your favorite equipment among these 5 pieces is?  In addition to their benefits of burning calories, you should also consider other benefits as well to choose the right one for home exercise.